Guest studio 1: Looking Food! Indieguerillas

Heden and Kosmopolis Den Haag thought it was a good idea to invite Indieguerillas for a period of three months in The Hague to do a project on food.

Therefor Santi Ariestyowanti and Dyatmiko Miko Bawono stayed in DCR Guest studio 1 and worked in projectspace Heden Hier.
They made an installation which looks like a shop in a gallery.

Welcome lunch Alice Nikitinova, Lucia Nimcova

Santi Ariestyowanti
Dyatmiko Miko Bawono
Robin Heyker
Lilian Kreuzberger
Mandy Prins
Mischa Poppe
Wim van Sinderen
Mark de Weijer

Guest studio 2: Alice Nikitinova (CZ)

Alice Nikitinova will arrive soon and stay until February. '(...) During my residency time I am planning to continue working, but reacting on the new situation I will appear in. Actually all my work is based on observation and real experience.(...)'

Guest studio 3: Lucia Nimcova (SK)

Lucia Nimkova will be working on 2 projects. One of them is Chuanita diary - ‘children book’. The other is Memes - photography & video installation project from Africa.


Tuesday 7 December, 16.30 till 17.30 h
Vrije Academie Den Haag, Paviljoensgracht 20-24
More info and work:

Boiling Societies, Cooking Identities

30 october - 18.00 h
Zeebelt theater (DCR)
Final presentation


15 september - 20.00 h.
Zeebelt theater (DCR)

3 Moldovan young professionals are invited to do research in September and October in The Hague. This evening they will present their work and talk about their country.

An exchange project between Young Moldovan and Dutch media professionals in visual journalism. How do Eastern Europeans look at the West and vice versa? And do these images connect with reality? Live Skype with Moldova.

Artisttalk: Douglas Morland (UK)

13 september - 17.00 h
Nest exhibition space

Glasgow-based artist, musician and curator Douglas Morland will give a talk about the city's diverse and multi-faceted arts scene, focusing on its cultural, economic and geographical context in relation to contemporary arts practice. A cross-section of galleries, institutions and flexible spaces will be explored in the talk, taking into account the often invisible (to the outside eye) networks, connecting threads and energies that underpin the city's cultural life.
Douglas Morland (b.1974) completed an MFA at Glasgow School of Art in 2003 and has since exhibited in the UK and abroad, co-ran Washington Garcia Gallery between 2006-2009 and has released various records - solo and with other musicians - on labels such as Chemikal Underground, Optimo Music and OSCARR.

New arrivals from Moldova

Gueststudio 1:
Tatiana Covaliova (MD), photographer
Gueststudio 2:
Alexandr Reznic (MD), journalist/photographer/IT specialist
and from Chisinau due to visa-problems:
Paul Hodorogea (MD), journalist/photographer

How do Eastern Europeans look at the West and vice versa? And do these images connect with reality? Stereotypes influence the public image of both Moldova and The Netherlands. The participants in the project will focus on the impact of mass media platforms such as Facebook, twitter, blogs, e-journals and video on the political, economical and cultural (visual) identity of both countries. A project initiated by Koen Geurts
> more info

Guest studio 1: Michelle Oosterbaan (US)

With my time here @ DCR I am investigating defining some relationships of space, color, and light with the aim to evoke a sense of place and proximity. I am making models, exploring abstraction and the theatre of space, in the studio built from found, folded, and cut papers and gouache paint. As the models move into the three dimensions, on the wall and off the table, I am finding more interest in how the body interacts with hints of abstraction in perspective. It suggests to me now ideas of location and dislocation, while I move planes of color around the studio from wall to wall.

Guest studio 1: Silke Opitz (DE)

Silke did quite intense research for one of her upcoming exhibtion projects. She did a lot of studio visits with artists at the DCR and beyond, in The Hague, Rotterdam and Amsterdam.
Also she had interesting meetings and talks with various curators in Holland and visited exhibitions and museums related to her focus in contemporary arts.

Guest studio 3: Olga Kisseleva (RU)

The 'Comparative History' project pursues several  trajectories, not necessarily focusing on chronological history of  events, but rather highlighting generational specifics in modes of  remembrance. In every country a change of scene is occuring in regard to the way younger generation relates to history. Less concerned with forming a concept of history and displaying a seemingly unproblematic integration of the past, this generation explores its conflicts and correspondences while engaging the present moment. Restaging these encounters for the contemporary public, we would like to engage the political dimension and perform 'critical history,' which is making the past useful for the present day. 

Guest studio 2: Yevgeniy Fiks (RU)

During this residency, I'd like to start a project focusing on the Leftist history of the Netherlands. Its goal is to gain understanding of the complexities of histories  of Leftist movements here. I'd like to talk to people from different generations -- those who remember first-hand the events in the 20th century as well as younger generations, who only recently joined these political movements.

Upcoming: Comparative History (working title)

1-15 july
Guest studio 1: Elena Sorokina (RU), Brussels, curator
Guest studio 2: Yevgeniy Fiks (RU), New York, artist
Guest studio 3: Olga Kisseleva (RU), Paris, artist and teacher/founder department Art Science, Sorbonne

We will be researching the Filmstad project by Loet C. Barnstijn, who was one of the leading figures of the early Dutch cinema, dreaming of the construction of the "Hollywood on the North Sea". This particular project is part of out broader research on the architecture and organization of the early cinema studios as factories, organized according to the most advanced technological processes of that time, the principles of the assembly-line non-stop production and the maximum differentiation of the work.

Opening Asian Invasian 26.06.10 in Nest

Hikaru Miyakawa (JP)
Hanae Utamura (JP)
Yann Vanderme (FR)
Takayuki Yamamoto (JP)

Jessica de Boer (NL)
Angeline Dekker (NL)
Floris Kruidenberg (NL)
Clara Palli Monquilod (ES)
Magdalena Pilko (AT)
Marisa Polin (MX)

Asian Invasion

1-30 june
Guest studio 1: Yann Vanderme (FR), artist
Guest studio 2: Takayuki Yamamoto (JP), artist
Guest studio 3: Hikaru Miyakawa (JP), artist/curator, Utamura Hanae (JP), artist

Artist/curator Hikaru Miyakawa was invited by Nest and has traveled with Japanese Artists Takayuki Yamamoto and Hanae Utamura to The Hague. They have, accompanied by French artist Yann Vanderme, met and researched the art world of The Hague. The outcome of this crash course The Hague wil be presented from june 26 to july 24 at Nest.

Guest studio 3: Keiko Sato (JP)

Keiko Sato staying a few days to work on her installation for the group-exhibtion 'Appetite for Destruction' in Nest.

Opening exhibition in Billytown

Some pictures...

One of the works:
space between pillars, Rumiko Hagiwara

Opening exhibition in Billytown

A presentation of new work made during their stay in The Hague at the DCR Guest studios.
Opening 25 march 2010, 19.00 h
The exhibition is open until 04-04-10, thursday to sunday between 12.00 and 20.00 h, or by appointment
More info or contact:
Nijverheidsstraat 2, 2288 BB Rijswijk

Artist Talks

Februari 9th, Rumiko HagiwaraOla Vasiljeva and Zachary Formwalt, (generously invited by Gemak/Vrije Academie to) talk about their work. 

Guest studio 2: Zachary Formwalt (US)

During the three-month period in residence at the guest studios I will be working on a film, the third part of a trilogy investigating relations between visual representation and economic processes. In this film I am looking at the emergence of the field of financial journalism in the 1840s in relation to the first appearances of photographs in newspapers in the 1880s. I have been conducting research at the International Institute of Social History in Amsterdam regarding this period in relation to a notebook of Karl Marx’s from 1868 dedicated to The Economist and Money Market Review. During my time in residence at the guest studios I will be both carrying out research at the Koninklijke Bibliotheek, specifically in their vast newspaper archive, and synthesizing this material with that of the Marx notebook. This synthesis will be carried out in the medium of film and video.

Guest studio 3: Rumiko Hagiwara (JA)

My work consists of tiny changes in daily life. It is based on the notion that spaces contain memories and time as a result of human action and behavior. These memories can easily be ignored as our attention is distracted by elements that occupy our daily life. I point the attention to this phenomenon by suggesting the viewer to notice and rediscover trivial things.
I have been working to document the tiny incidences in daily situation. During 3 months residency program, I want to go out to take photos and videos to make sketches in the city. I make tiny changes in the ordinary situation by installing some absurd items. They would be documented and shown as observations of sight specific installations.

Guest studio 1: Ola Vasiljeva (LVA)

Working in a wide range of media and drawing her inspiration from classical literature, historical figures and events, as well as pop- and sub-cultures, Ola Vasiljeva creates an ambigous, absurd scenography, which she populates with objects, videos; artworks by herself and other artists.
The work often evokes an odd, surreal situation; though being hardly narrative, it often focuses on the state of fundamental loneliness and distancing from the real world. Her aesthetic vocabulary draws from popular imagery which Ola choreographs with witty humor, poetry and a strong uncanny touch.

Ola Vasiljeva (Latvia 1981) is one of the founders of the Ocean Academy of Arts and the publisher of the OAOA magazine.

During the residency at DCR Ola is exploring the parallels between the fin de siécle period and the bohemian sub-culture tendencies of the 60's and 70's.

2010: New arrivals!

Our new artists in residence: Rumiko Hagiwara (Japan), Ola Vasiljeva (Latvia) and Zachary Formwalt (US) will live and work in The Hague at Gueststudios 1, 2 and 3 from January 4 till March 31. They have recently finished their research residency at the Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten in Amsterdam and are now preparing to be based in The Hague. We offer them a special program, "Nieuwe Hagenezen - cultural integration in The Hague" :)
Happy new year!