Lotte Geeven | Mondriaanfonds Binnenland Gastatelier

Are you living in the desert?
Help collect acoustic sand from the few remote areas on this planet where the sand sings, whistles, booms and roars. This rare sand from all over the world will be sounding together in a public artwork.

For the art project in progress, artist Lotte Geeven is collecting acoustic sands from the few remote places in the world where this rare phenomenon occurs and the deserts roar and sing. Also on the Zandmotor, traces of ‘singing sand’ can be found with which Geeven started her first experiments.
Through Facebook, Twitter, phonebooks, wild leads and Google maps she is tracing people that live in the extremely remote areas and persuades them to send acoustic sand. At this very moment a limousine driver in Oman named Rizwan; Luca, from Kazakhstan and Melanie, who is living on the loneliest highway in the world in Nevada, are all about to drive into the desert to collect these sand grains that will sound together in the artwork. For the last batch of this special sand the artist herself will travel to the Namib, the world’s oldest desert.
If you feel like helping out and happen to live in Mongolia, Chile, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, China, Qatar, Oman, Chad, Western Sahara, Morocco, California or Nevada or know someone who lives there: please send an email to Lotte Geeven ( and she will get back to you a.s.a.p.
Thank you!
More information about the artwork, where to find acoustic sand and what it sounds like:

Maurice Meewisse | Mondriaanfonds Binnenland Gastatelier

Maurice Meewisse researches the fringes and side effects of the Zandmotor. He looks for materials that aren't expected on the beach – preferably obscure objects – like coal and low quality iron ore. With a mixture of natural and human-made materials he will start a small scale industry: he will make iron. The Zandmotor is in a way also the accomplishment of industry, the result of human endeavour, even though it is experienced as nature. To this he will introduce a very important daily ritual: the coffee break. 
For a four week period he opens a cantine where people are invited to come and enjoy a cup of coffee – open every working day between 10:45 and 11:00.

Suraya Hilal | CLOUD/Danslab

Suraya Hilal is a leading international dancer, teacher and choreographer. With years of creative work, research and teaching, Hilal has created and established a contemporary dance form, called Hilal Dance: a grounded, energetic, expansive form, expressing fluidity, line and rhythm. The dance is based on strong holistic training, as system of bodywork that focusses on breath and works to achieve a centered, dynamic flow of energy. This kind of training is essential for exploring many powerful forms of expression through geometric line and musicality. Hilal Dance embodies a modern, progressive language that goes beyond geographic boundaries.