Coming up: Present Perfect!

The residency of Ruth Afane Belinga, Achillekà Komguem and Salifou Lindou from Cameroon at DCR Gueststudios is opening the project „Present Perfect!“ initiated by Enough Room for Space

During their residency the guests will help to re-fashion the Cameroonian artist journal diARTgonale as a platform for a series of newly produced works on the relation of Europe and Cameroon. These works are realised collaboratively by European and Cameroonian artists and published in diArtgonale throughout 2012. In 2013 they will be presented in an exhibition at NEST, The Hague, together with other artists’ recent explorations of these intercontinental relations.

Opening Studio and Screening/Performance

DCR Guest Studio residents Douglas Morland and Christian Newby hosted an informal open studio screening and performance of a new work-in-progress. They screened a video with live musical accompaniment by Morland.

Papa Oom Mow Mow

Newby and Morland have spent the past month experimenting with video and sound as a way of interfacing their experiences and explorations of Den Haag into a kind of superimposed travelogue. Absurdity, disparity and incongruity form key elements of their approach, with the slippage and scrambling of cultural bodies of knowledge during this process of exchange and investigation, they interlace a broken narrative of both fact and fiction.

Guest studio 3: Christian Newby (UK)

In between: Newby marbling (huge!) for next exhibition (Transmission Gallery in Glasgow, gallery 2), with the help of his collegue-guests.

Guest studio 2&3: Douglas Morland and Christian Newby (UK)

Visiting artists seek collaborators…

Glasgow-based artists Douglas Morland and Christian Newby are undertaking a residency project in The Hague at DCR Gueststudio during August and are looking for artists, musicians and other creative people based in the city with whom to exchange ideas or collaborate.

As artists who also make music and whose practices draw heavily upon the lexicon of popular culture, its aesthetics, imagery and ephemera, Morland and Newby are interested in navigating The Hague via a kind of psychogeographic investigation of the city. This will take in an exploration of the local networks of underground musicians, visual artists, those involved in ‘DIY’ youth culture, past and present, and the points where these areas come together.