SEARCH-TEA TIME by Paola Ruiz Molto

Photo: Paola Ruiz Molto: Building new forms with organic material in Zundert, Nov 14

Paola is interested in the combination between ARTIST RESEARCH and ARTIST EDUCATION. To investigate the way between Architectural + Sculpture = “Archisculture”, New architectural forms with organic materials and ephemeral works. Nature as a laboratory for experimentation. Knotting with our hands as the birds make their nests. We weave our own dreams, a new habitat.
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Time of rest from my teaching job at the University of Education  to focus on a personal search. Getting new energy. Is a way open to new experiences, collaborations, start again ... Search , will be the title about work in progress. (a project that began in Norway,  Finland, development in Netherlands). Time to Learning, research culture, the essence of the place, in a coastal city like my city of Spain (Alicante), and build a relationship between them. The empty space as the start of research. Working  with different multidisciplinary techniques, sound, video art, installations-sculptures,  to continue learning from nature,  the landscape being the engine of my work. Every day, walking, collecting different materials, thinking, building …. My stay at the residences will be time to learn and reflection of my life experiences, a quiet place, peace and concentration, meeting new artists...Connection with myself,  language close to the spirit and essence of things, Draw sculptures in empty space, weaving new realities within other.