Guest studio 3: Marcel Swint

I will be staying at the DCR untill the end of december.
During this period I hope to find new subjects which will hopefully lead to new work.
Let's see if the urban environment can contribute in this matter.
Perhaps in the form of lost monuments. Every city has got one: the Scholtenshuis in Groningen, the Paleis voor Volksvlijt in Amsterdam and the Gebouw van Kunsten & Wetenschappen in The Haque.
These magical lost monuments are often lost due to fire, war or simply were demolished. Not seldom the inhabitants call for rebuild as if the city is not complete without this magical building.
Untill they are rebuild these lost monuments are living legends, kept alive by the romantic inhabitants of the city. The place where the building ones stood reminds people of times gone by and of the stories that can be told about those times and about the building itself.
It's like the Titanic in a way. The spot where the ship sank is still there, as is the ship itself, but the ship can hardly be reached and surely can't be touched. The same goes for Adolf Hitler. Remains of his regime are still present. Scientists do research on who this man really was but they're asking questions which can never really be answered.

Pablo Valbuena

Pablo left the DCR in september but we just recieved a mail that he finished a video of the great work he did for Todaysart 08 on the facade of the City Hall in The Hague. If you missed it, take a look, it's nice.

Guest studio 2: Eveline van de Griend

Eveline van de Griend will be staying with us until the end of October! She studies the (im)possibility of identification between one person and another. Her creations display a symbiosis of cultural inheratige, symbolism and the reality of today’s world, often inspired by modern-day events. Next year in January, Eveline will lecture at the Academy of Bombay with artist Tineke van Veen and they will also have an exhibition in Bombay. During this work period in the DCR they will also work together in preperation of this event.


The endresult of the project Staalplaat did for the opening of Todays Art festival!

Guest studio 1: Pablo Valbuena

Pablo Valbuena's project in The Hague for Todays Art, continues a line of work based in working in the public space with light, precisely with video projection. It explores the possibilities of augmenting architecture with another layer of information that can affect the perception of time and space in that location.
'I work with the existing architectural elements and start altering them in an abstract way, playing with the building itself. This time I will work on the facade of the Ricarhd Meier building at the Spuiplein, part of the facade of the City Hall (foto).' Previous related project: video // foto

Guest studio 2: Sebastien Wierinck

Sebastien Wierinck (OnSite Studio) will design the lounge area of the Todays Art festival in Greenhouse #01, The Hague.
From the 26th to the 27th of September 2008
More info: Todays Art

Gueststudio 3: Staalplaat Soundsystem

Staalplaat Soundsystem, in collaboration with Mike Rijnierse, Achim Wolscheid, Mark Bain and Erik Hobijn: working on the opening performance of Todays Art festival at the central station in The Hague.

26 Friday and 27 Saturday / 19:00


the DCR Gueststudios 1 & 2 will be programmed by Satellietgroep in cooperation with cultural organisations from the DCR / The Hague. The DCR studio's work with artists / curators on invitation and we are open for applications (see calander for availability).On this website you get an overview of previouw residencies, the accommodations and our upcoming events! Feel free to contact Satellietgroep on if you have questions regarding the DCR studios.

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The guest studios are planned for those who wish to develop activities within the DCR, but equally intended to be used, on a longer-term basis by guests of other cultural institutes in The Hague. The interiors of these studios are designed to facilitate various working disciplines. The studios are divided into a living– and working space and have a kitchen and bathroom. Other facilities available to the guests are a washing machine and a fast link Internet connection.

To provide more than just a cultural stay the organization would like to positively encourage a programme of mutual exchange to make it a worthwhile investment and experience for both the artist and the DCR. During their stay presentations or introductions to the working practice will present the guest to the DCR and further to a wider public. The organization will also make an effort to introduce guests to colleagues with similar interests in both the DCR and The Hague.

Impression of Studio 1 & 2