Patrizia Ruthensteiner for iii

Patrizia Ruthensteiner is an interdisciplinary artist from Vienna. She creates costumes from parallel universes in which predetermined valuations of subjectivity and physical form are pushed into absurdity. She aims to reverse common concepts of what is defined as plant, animal, human or inanimate, blurring the boundaries of life, theatre, performance, architecture, fashion and sound art.
During the residency Patrizia Ruthensteiner will work on further developing the project Magnetoceptia, initiated in Vienna in 2015 in cooperation with Dewi de Vree.
The outcome of the residency will be presented during the following public activities:
In Praise of Shadows, SIGN, Groningen, April 2016
No Patent Pending #22, Quartair, The Hague, April 10th 2016
No Patent Pending #23, Tetterode, Amsterdam, presented by Kulter, April 13th 2016