Guest studio 1: Ola Vasiljeva (LVA)

Working in a wide range of media and drawing her inspiration from classical literature, historical figures and events, as well as pop- and sub-cultures, Ola Vasiljeva creates an ambigous, absurd scenography, which she populates with objects, videos; artworks by herself and other artists.
The work often evokes an odd, surreal situation; though being hardly narrative, it often focuses on the state of fundamental loneliness and distancing from the real world. Her aesthetic vocabulary draws from popular imagery which Ola choreographs with witty humor, poetry and a strong uncanny touch.

Ola Vasiljeva (Latvia 1981) is one of the founders of the Ocean Academy of Arts and the publisher of the OAOA magazine.

During the residency at DCR Ola is exploring the parallels between the fin de siécle period and the bohemian sub-culture tendencies of the 60's and 70's.