Boiling Societies, Cooking Identities

30 october - 18.00 h
Zeebelt theater (DCR)
Final presentation

18.00 Introduction by Koen Geurts (initiator/organiser of Boiling Societies, Cooking Identities)
18.20 screening of the dutch short movie ‘t Seinhuis
from Inge Meijer
18.30 Ed Annink (intendant of Design Den Haag) The objective of Design Den Haag is to investigate in what way design could make a contribution to a visible Europe and the cultural diversity in an international context and what part government may have in this.
19.00 Research presentations by Students of the Royal Academy of Arts
19.20 Geertjan Cornelissen (documentary photographer) reconstructing a personal vision on USSR and other propaganda
19.50 pause
20.15 Alexandr Reznic presentation
20.50 Tatiana Covaliova presentation
22.00 Afterparty with DJ Bear and Tamashot

How do Eastern Europeans look at the West and vice versa? And do these images connect with reality? The past two months, two Moldavian young professionals (Alexandr Reznic and Tatiana Covaliova) lived and did research in The Hague and in the rest of the Netherlands. Meanwhile a few young Dutch professionals (4th year students of the partime course Graphic Design of the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague) started their research on Moldavian identity and stereotypes using the World Wide Web.

This evening the two Moldavian participants will present their remarkable (visual) research material and present a few end conclusions. The Students of the Royal Academy will present their temporary research results.

Besides two Dutch media professionals (Ed Annink and Geertjan Cornelissen) will attend the evening with 2 relevant lectures. Topics such as design and government, reconstructing propaganda, post communistic identity, Dutch stereotyping and iconing etc. will be adressed and discussed with a lot of visual examples.

We’ll close this cooking session with a boiling mix of “East meets West” smashing hits and dance tunes from the past and present by DJ Bear and DJ Tamashot (Belgium).

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