Prilla's opening in Heden Hier

 Sadly we saw Prilla leave yesterday, after her three month residency i.c.w. Heden Hier. She had her opening on Friday 14th of September and the result of her working period was very nice! She presented her 'Chloroman' project, a project about a man that doens't eat and lives on light and water. She made the whole installation out of paper-cuttings, which looked very nice. When she left she told us she will open a paper-cutting workshop and maybe also an AiR in Bandung, Indonesia. We look very much forward to hear more from her and keep you guys updated!


Photo's with thanks to Rob Knijn, Heden

Open Studios

 Last week we hosted Open Studio's. Our guests Prilla, Abe and Irina and Leigh are all leaving this week, so it was time for a little presentation. They all made their studio into a welcoming place where you could see their inspirations and works-in progress.

Prilla made a little preview for her show in Heden Hier, and welcomed people at her table to talk about her previous works, as well as the work of the guests.

Leigh made a big transformation in her room; she casted the ceiling with silicon rubber and presented the results.

 Abe and Irina made two outfits for the 'special day' and welcomed people with some food and drinks from Belarus and other places. Also you could see their thought-process on their grapic novel as well as a table cloth full with recipies and a collection of video's they shot during other dinners.

We thought it was a very nice evening and we will miss our four guests!

Prilla at work

Prilla Tania has been our guest for almost three months. For her project at Heden Hier she´s exploring great ways of cutout techniques. On the 14th of September her show opens at the Weimarstraat in Den Haag. Check out

Call for Entries| AIR Oct-Nov 2012 | DCR Gueststudios i.c.w. Satellietgroep, The Netherlands

DCR Gueststudios now invites applications from young or mid-career artists, curators, writers, anthropologists or sociologists from all over the world for an artist in residency with our partner Satellietgroep in The Hague, The Netherlands.

Satellietgroep initiates the project 'Now Wakes The Sea' (NWTS) and involves research based air programs for artists/filmmakers in coastal transition areas around the Black Sea and North Sea to develop new works, select existing works and program a traveling filmfestival for screenings on venues, both on the coast of the Black Sea as well as on The North Sea.
First step is the exchange project is the inspiring collaboration with European Cultural Association/Europist (TR), in the context of Sinopale 4, International Sinop Biennial and the celebration of NLTR400 in 2012.

How do we negotiate and make sustainable coastal areas when coastlines are under great pressure due to consumption, tourism, economical and political interests?

Please read more about this project here:

The second step of NWTS programm will be to host two couples of Turkish artists. Bahanur Nasya and Yilmaz Vurucu are a couple with strong relations to both the Western and Turkish world. Bahanur is an architect and Yilmaz a filmmaker. The other couple is Imre Azem (filmmaker of Ekümenopolis) and Gaya who is his partner and producer.
Both couples will be staying in the DCR Gueststudios from approximately 15th of October till 15th of November. We would like to introduce them to a guest with a different background, but who is interested in the program and who has affinity with the subjects treated.
We would like you to work together with these couples to gain a new perspective for both parties. This can be on different levels. For instance if you have a strong connection to the sea, if you research coastal transitions, if you research the 'eastern-western' diversity, if you write about activism in art, if you have seen 'Ecumenopolis' and you would like to work with the maker, if you're an researching curator for an exhibition and so forth..
We like to bundle the outcomes of your co-operation in a couple of events. Satellietgroep hosts an debate with screenings about coastal transitions in Museon. We would like to host a dinner, debate or artist-talk where there is room for discussion about the treated subjects.

Open Studios coming up!

On Wednesday 12th of September at 17.00 our guests in the Gueststudio´s will host an open studio. This will be a small presentation of their work in progress and an opportunity to meet our guest if you haven´t done so already!

Abe and Irina are making a graphic novel out of a lot of material they collected in their ´open feast´ project. Look at for more information. They would really like to come in contact with human rights activists, writers and other artists. As they are making a book, they would also like to have a chat with graphic designers about how to deal with the loads of content they have.

Leigh is making casts of the gueststudio space she lives in. With silicon rubber, a very nice material to take a look at, she captures the structures of the ceiling and floor. Look at this post for more information about her work plan.

Prilla has her final presentation at Heden Hier on the 14th of September and will be showing some of her cut-out works. If you haven't seen any of Prilla's work yet, this is a good introduction to get enthousiastic for her presentation the following Friday. See some other works-in-progress here.

We would really like to welcome you with a beer, and hope to see you at the end of your workday!

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