Leigh Anne Parry and Anders Swanson

Leigh Anne Parry is a performance artist, theatre director, sound artist, technician and researcher. Recent experiments have focused on stimulating audience imagination - breaking regular cognitive patterns and theatrical conventions to allow for pure thought. By considering and adjusting the motion, space and time of an audience’s experience, she has been developing a new relationship between the audience and the spectacle, helping to explore themes of transportation, wilderness and the anthropocene.

Anders Swanson is a painter, multi-media artist, transportation policy analyst, designer and community organizer who focuses on social consciousness turnover and the international reintroduction of humane forms of transportation. His recent work has involved winter, children’s mobility, gamification, crowdsourcing and storytelling. He aims at an understanding of the hydrology and psychology at play in the development of rivers of people.

Inspired by work, circumstances and situations developing constantly inside the cultural hubs and outside on the streets of Den Haag, their research plan includes sound and video recording, movement, data collection, comparative analysis, and composition.

They see the International City of Peace and Justice as an ideal place to shift perspective - in a sense traveling though both time and space - and an opportunity to immerse themselves in research on culture, transportation, art, science and social dynamics.