Lilian Beidler (CH) for iii

In April 2015 Lilian Beidler is the artist in residence within the residency program organized by the artist-run platform iii in cooperation with Satellietgroup and Studio Loos. During her residency Lilian Beidler will be working at Studio Loos on a performance which will be presented during the 61st edition of the Wonderwerp series on April 23rd, besides performances by John Niekrasz, Todd Lerew, Ingrid Lee and Mamoru Okuno.

Lilian Beidler was born on 1 March 1982 in Bern, Switzerland. She completed her Master of Arts in Contemporary Arts Practice (CAP) at Bern University of the Arts in 2010. She was invited as an artist in residence to the USA, Finland and China. She regularly shows her work and performs at different venues and festivals in the USA, Asia and Europe. She is currently studying at Goldsmiths University of London. She speaks seven languages and is eager to learn more.

"Sound being a fundamental component of my work, I often combine performance, installation, conceptual work and musical composition. During the residency I will develop a piece that deals with questions I am currently addressing in my work: What is the significance of gestures in the performance of electronic music? How do new media change the perception and appearance of the human body? How do humans interact with machines? How do new forms of communication influence the way people look at themselves and at others?"

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