Kenneth Flak, Külli Roosna & Thomas Dotzler for Wild Places::Mountain at Korzo

Kenneth Flak and Külli Roosna are currently residents at DCR Gueststudios. They work on their new dance performance Wild Places::Mountain. Thomas Dotzler is the light designer of Wild Places::Mountain. Wild Places::Mountain is a Korzo production, and will premiere on 6 February 2015 during the CaDance Festival.

born 1981, is a dancer, choreographer and teacher. She graduated at the Tallinn University in 2005 as a choreographer/dancer and continued her studies in Rotterdam Dance Academy in the Netherlands. After obtaining her second bachelor degree in 2007 she started working internationally with different choreographers. In 2013 she obtained an MA of choreography at Tallinn University. She has worked with choreographers Richard Siegal, Dylan Newcomb, Amy Raymond, Fine5 Dance Theater, Teet Kask, Jüri Nael and others. She is a guest teacher at different universities in Estonia, Norway and the Netherlands. In 2010 her solo performance “Circle Through” was awarded the First Prize at the International Festival of Modern Choreography in Vitebsk,Belarus. Külli has performed her own and other choreographers’works in different festivals all over the world.

born 1975, is a dancer, choreographer, media artist and teacher.He has performed in the works of André Gingras (Netherlands/Canada), Dansdesign (Norway), Richard Siegal (France/USA),Kari Hoaas (Norway), Preeti Vasudevan (India/USA) and many others. He is educated at the Stage Directing department of the National Academy of Dramatic Arts, Norway; and the Mime
Department and Modern Dance Department of the Amsterdam Arts School. In 2007 he received a Bessie Performer’s Award in New York for his interpretation of Gingras’ solo CYP17. In 2010 he was nominated for the BNG Award in Amsterdam for Of Gods and Driftwood. He received the Norwegian Government Grant for Young Artists 2004 and 2008-9, as well as the Norwegian Government Grant for Artists 2014-2016. Flak is a regular guest teacher at universities and professional workshops around the world. A self-taught composer, he has created music for his own choreographies, as well as those of Charlotta Öfverholm, Wilfried Seethaler, Kosmas Kosmpoulos, Yael Gaathon and others. He is currently developing systems for interactive music and visuals using movement sensors in Max for Live and

is a light designer for stage arts since the early 1990:s. He has been working mainly with contemporary dance for the last 10-15 years. At the moment he is working at the Korzo theatre with Flak & Roosna with their new piece Wild Places::Mountain, a Korzo production that will premiere on 6 February 2015 during the CaDance Festival.

Research by artist Anna Dasovic



Choreographer Wubkje Kuindersma prepares new work


Hello, I am Wubkje Kuindersma and I am choreographing a new work for Korzo Theatre for the program Here We Live and Now, with premiere on 14th of November.
Shows run until 22nd of November, in case you are curious. 

Here is a picture of a rehearsal. The dancers are Valerija Kuzmica and Nele Deckx.
More at

Try out: November 13
Premiere: November 14

November 15 + 19 - 22

Frauke Materlik and Erhard Paul Meier (D) start research


Frauke Materlik and Erhard Paul Meier (D) start their research. The main keywords for the research period in The Hague are ‘power structures’ and ‘negotiations of and within space’. Jurisdiction on water and property reaches back to the very beginning of the historical discourses of law. The city of Den Haag is home to many globally important institutions of law such as The International Court of Justice. It dealt e.g. in 2013 with questions of alleged violations of Sovereign Rights and Maritime Spaces, obligations to negotiate access to Oceans as well as disputes concerning maritime delimitation along the seas. We wonder: How is the water edge negotiated? We want to gain an understanding on how the legal strata of new land development and coastal jurisdiction on a global scale might also be conveyed on the local scale. Researching the thesis that international jurisprudence can be made visible in the daily routines and lifes of urban citizens, we aim to rethink the public space and sphere as a paradox between the natural law of hospitality and the territorial law of sovereignity.

Curator Silke Opitz (D) revisits The Hague

Silke Opitz revisits The Hague to meet and catch up with artists and curators to prepare exhibitions.

Curators David Rickard & Will Lunn (London) for Nest


During the preparations and opening of the exhibition Alchemy at Nest curators Will Lunn and David Rickard (London) reside at DCR Gueststudios.

Exhibition space Nest is located at De DCR, The Hague:
Opening and Museumnight September 6 2014, 20.00 hrs
Exhibition, September 6 - November 3 2014
Hours: Thursday - Sunday, 13.00 - 17.00 and by appointment.

With Frank Ammerlaan, Myriam Holme, Alastair Mackie, Navid Nuur, David Rickard, Oscar Santillan, Lawrence Weiner.
Historically, alchemy was the primary model for the scientific exploration of materials and although it is now largely perceived as the quest for turning base metals into gold, the practice of alchemy was concerned with a much wider sphere of knowledge. In fact it is from alchemy that much of modern science has evolved.
The exhibition brings together a range of artists that have and are developing works which critically engage with the material properties from which they are made; allowing and encouraging transformation and transmutation to take place within the physical properties and also the conceptual reception of each work.

David Wills (AU) prepares a new Wunderwall

While Australian photographer resides at DCR Gueststudios he prepares the exhibition That's Just a Nun with a Bag of Oranges at Valokuvakeskus Peri - Photographic Centre Peri‎ in Turtu, Finland.

David Wills presents a new Wunderwall, That’s just a nun with a bag of oranges, comprising around 1,300 photographs in an extremely large-scale photographic installation. His aim is to unravel meaning from contemporary existence. Extracted from a digital archive in excess of 270,000 images, the focus is on the barely registered: wan Band-aids, filmy oil splotches, slumped mattresses, discarded televisions, limp plastic bags and lost underwear to name just a few sets gathered within. Scattered throughout are moments of fleeting beauty, poignant messages via graffiti and a sense that waste reigns supreme.
That’s just a nun with a bag of oranges refers to the absurdity of life and the search for meaning within it as we meander along. Through the use of multiple images and varied experiences, the Wunderwall is peppered with references, some potent, others inane and some to be taken with a grain of salt. Juxtaposition plays a role in discussing ideas and themes with the idea that the work as a whole forms a contemplative environment.

David: 'my work considers the significance of collections (photographic)and what they infer about the choices we make and the impacts we have on the planet. The images not only depict the detritus of consumerism, but also longing. Similarities and differences are highlighted, the value we place on resources and products, and the interactions we have with each other on the street, the watching, flirting and ignoring ponder contemporary western living.'
The Wunderwall is supported by Shootin’ Gallery, a photographic database comprising just on 10,000 images on my website

Thomas van Ouwerkerk en Sacha Muller voor Zaal 4 op de Parade


Thomas van Ouwerkerk en Sacha Muller waren te gast in de DCR Gueststudios om de voorstellingen 'De Trein naar Pavlovsk (en Oostvoorne)' en 'PARAIRIE' voor te bereiden voor Theater aan het Spui - Zaal 4 op de Parade.

Theater aan het Spui staat deze zomer op de Parade.  Het onlangs volledig gerenoveerde mobiele theater (ZAAL 4) zal meereizen naar Den Haag en Amsterdam met drie nieuwe voorstellingen: een voor kinderen (Parairie) en twee voor volwassenen (Marktplaatsmuziek en De Trein naar Pavlovsk). Daarnaast treden onder de noemer Showponies bijzondere gasten op in ZAAL 4, waaronder Marius en Jasper Gottlieb (voorheen Spanga’s), Rudy Bennett (zanger van de Motions) en anderen. Ook is Theater aan het Spui coproducent van N.I.K., de nieuwe voorstelling van Nik van den Berg, die elders op de Parade te zien zal zijn.

De Trein naar Pavlovsk (en Oostvoorne) - premiere zaterdag 05 juli, 19.30u

Theater aan het Spui met Thomas, Sacha en Jos
Parade Den Haag 04 t/m 09 juli, Parade Amsterdam 08 t/m 17 augustus 2014

De Trein naar Pavlovsk (en Oostvoorne) is een beeldende voorstelling over de bijzondere ontmoetingen tussen een grootvader en zijn kleinzoon, over verhalen vertellen en over het oude Rusland. Door Toon Tellegen heel precies opgeschreven en door Thomas, Sacha en Jos, ruim honderd jaar na hun ontstaansgeschiedenis, opnieuw verteld. 

Tekst: Toon Tellegen

Spel: Thomas van Ouwerkerk, Sacha Muller en Jos Nargy

PARAIRIE - premiere woensdag 09 juli, 16.15u

Theater aan het Spui met Thomas, Sacha en Jos
Kinderparade: R’dam 21 & 29 juni (try-out), Den Haag 09 & 10 juli (premiere 09 juli), A’dam 10 & 11 en 15, 16 en 23 aug

Thomas, Sacha en Jos zijn terug! Ze maken samen met het publiek een cadeau voor de directeur van de Parade, namelijk een wildwildwest film. En zoals een surpriseparty betaamt, hoe meer zielen hoe meer vreugd en….. Mondje dicht!

Spel: Thomas van Ouwerkerk, Sacha Muller en Jos Nargy

Leslie García and Paloma López (Mexico) for TodaysArt

New guests arrive on July 20th: Leslie García and Paloma López for TodaysArt!
Interspecifcs is focused on the relationship between waveforms, living matter and the way in which sound frequencies affect and create physical forms. The project seeks for a pattern-based understanding of our context in order to illustrate the underlying order in the physical universe and human consciousness that appears to be intimately related to sound.

Three-city residency
We are more than pleased to welcome Leslie García and Paloma López to The Hague for their ECAS residency at TodaysArt. After being hosted by Cimatics in Brussels, the Mexican duo landed in The Hague for the next two weeks before taking off to Tromsø where they will be hosted by Insomnia Festival. During the three-city residency, they will be working on their 'Interspecifics' project. 'Interspecifics' focuses on the relationship between waveforms, living matters and the way in which electromagnetic phenomena can be used to create a sonification (frequency) and visualization (cymatics).

The process of this research can be followed at

Leslie García
Works generating electronic art and digital media projects. Her work explores the fusion process between art and technology, using techniques such as the production of virtual tools, development of electronic prototypes, audio production, net art pieces design and visual generative codes. She co-founded DreamAddictive electronic media collective, Tijuana Mexico 2003- 2010.
She has exhibited her work, individual and group shows, in various festivals, collaborating with: Media Lab Prado, Museo de Arte Reina Sofía, Eyebeam, O1SJ, Museum of Latin American Arts, Piksel Festival, Centro Cultural de España, Public Art Lab Berlin, NOMAD Center for Media Research, Museum of Contemporary Art in Szczecin, Transitio_MX, LabSurLab2, Hiperorganicos, Mutek_MX and others.
FONCA fellowship young creators program, multimedia category, 2009 and 2011. CENTRO MULTIMEDIA Fellowship in 2010. Forms part of the Astrovandalistas Collective ( Mexico city). Is a collaborator of the NANO
(Nucelo Laboratorial Nano de la Escola de Belas Artes – URFJ, Rio de Janeiro).

Paloma López
Paloma Lopez is a concert and academic conference producer. Holds a Master of Creative and CulturalEntrepreneurship from Goldsmith’s University of London with a line research on Critical Studies and Cultural Theory. Part of the Radioglobal collective, an online radio station based in Tijuana since 2008. She is currently the research director at the online platform for contemporary culture Estándar studying new models of intentional creative communities. She was recently part of the production team of Mutek_Lab, a symposium on creativity and innovation organized by Mutek Festival in association with ICAS network (International Cities for Advanced Sound & Related Arts) at Mexico City.

Filmmaker Pavel Braila from Chisinau Moldova

Special guest at DCR Gueststudios is artist/filmmaker Pavel Braila from Chisinau, Moldova. He visits The Hague on invitation of Satellietgroep, Framer Framed and European Alternatives to present his film SHOES FOR EUROPE at the premiere of LAND LOCKED by Maarten de Kroon.

Time: 19:30 entrance open + 20:00 start program.
Location: Framer Framed at Tolhuistuin, Buiksloterweg 5C Amsterdam.
Moderator: Chris Keulemans.
Program: Premiere of the film LAND LOCKED by Maarten de Kroon (The Hague, NL). LAND LOCKED is made in Moldova during the residency exhange program 'Now Wakes the Sea' (hosted by Satellietgroep, MediArt Dialog, Art Ploshadka & Teatru Spalatorie) in Moldova. De Kroon researched the relationship between Moldova and the Black Sea. The premiere is followed by SHOES FOR EUROPE, a film by Pavel Braila (Chisinau, Moldova) about the differences in cultural and economic identity in Eastern and Western Europe. Filmmakers Maarten de Kroon and artist Pavel Braila will be present to give an introduction to their work.
Organisation: Satellietgroep, European Alternatives and Framer Framed explore together the fringes of Europe by making a program that discovers the borders of Europe from an arts and culture perspective. The program evolves around the makers and their artistic practice while presenting their work. This first edition is an evening dedicated to Moldova. Borders between countries are changing. The current turmoil in Ukraine shows how relative borders and states can be.
More information:

Intern at TodaysArt Sébastien Robert from France

Sébastien Robert from France is currrently intern in residence at DCR Gueststudio for TodaysArt, The International Festival Beyond Art:
Originally from Nantes, France, Sébastien Robert is currently doing an internship at TodaysArt as part of his degree in Business & Management at the University of Lyon, before he goes off to get his MA in Cultural Management. A seasoned world traveller at the age of 20, in previous years Sebastien worked in Taiwan for electronic music platform Smoke Machine, volunteered as a humanitarian worker in Nepal and spent time traveling throughout Europe, Central Asia and South America. 

At Guest Who #5 Sebastien will give an insight into the tenth edition of TodaysArt festival, his role in the TodaysArt team and his past activities/projects abroad:
Entrance & time: € 5, entrance open 17:45, start World Cup Football match The Netherlands - Australia at 18:00 at the big screen, 20:00 start cultural program.
Join us at 18:00 for the dinner and football match by Daphne Blomsma- Zaal 3 - winkel & cafe
Location: Zaal 3, De Constant Rebecqueplein 20 The Hague
Organization: Wander, Satellietgroep and Zaal 3 - Theater ah Spui.