Guest studio 3: Petrina Hicks

Petrina is working on a new series of photos in her studio...

... collecting reference material.

Guest studio 2: Marieke Verbiesen

Opening yesterday in ZAAL5, great work! Visitor (Eelco) is playing the leading role :)

Guest studio 1: Lou Galopa

Lou Galopa, staying with us this month, is working on her installation in Quartair:
'...Every day I'll make the house of the day with objets I found in the street. Each small scupture is combined with a drawing.
I have a lot of houses (I travelled a lot) but I'm looking for my home. I feel at home only in the water. So I imagine for the installation a waterhouse. It's now in progress....'

The exhibition Calling Home aims to put emphasis on the concept of home and to discuss its different representations. Although home is represented and referred to in diverse ways in different times, cultures and regions, in the end it is a universal concept. We all come from somewhere, although this place usually considered as home might never have existed as a "real", physical place or might only be captured in past tense. Home is not a building but it can be built in mind.

Home is an important constructor of identity. The American sociologist Kath Woodward has once said that "identity only becomes an issue when it is in crisis". When the stability, continuity and safety of home is for some reason questioned, threatened or totally lost also identity becomes an issue. Feelings of alienation and dis/misplacement might be caused by being in one place but longing for another, sensing home in different environments or in no place at all. Still, alienation does not solely come out from being abroad from home, physically far from the place of origin, but might as well result from several problems of identification and feelings of exclusion within a certain social or cultural group.

Riitta Granfelt, Finnish researcher in social sciences has defined the meaning of home in three levels: home is a platform for close relationships, a representation of continuity and it is connected with mind and memories. Within Calling Home I wish to put attention on works that discuss, represent, reflect on, challenge or question different concepts of home.

Guest studio 2: Marieke Verbiesen

24-9-2009 until 22-10-2009

Thursday 24 September – 8.00 p.m.

In this interactive installation, the visitor literally plays the lead role. A proposal by Marieke Verbiesen and Neeltje Sprengers, it is one of the winning projects of the BNG Workspace Project Prize 2009.

The basic theme is the evolution of special effects and the role that these play in cinematography and the fine arts.
The installation merges live recordings of the visitor and of an electronically controlled film set into one real-time projection. Classic and new techniques are used to create a film reality that the otherwise passive viewer can now manipulate: he can watch himself act as an actor in a movie, surrounded by monsters, UFOs and surrealistic events.

As part of the MOVIESTAR exhibition in ZAAL5, two lectures will be held that explore the artists’ sources of inspiration and how the speakers relate to these.

Thursday 8 October – 8.00 p.m.:
Pauline Kalker of the innovative animation theatre group Hotel Modern will speak about low tech and high tech and the philosophy of Hotel Modern, and will show how maximum effects can be achieved using minimal means.

Thursday 22 October – 8.00 p.m.:
Volker Morawe and Tilman Reiff of the German FUR Art Entertainment Interfaces will discuss their humoristic installations that revolve around the user and his use of machines.