Guest studio 2: Oliver Gardiner

studio_view_loopx6 from Oliver Gardiner on Vimeo.

Selected frames from cameras transmitting and suspended in studio. Once a swing is in motion they continue to oscillate like a pendulum until external interference or drag brings them to a halt.

The halted frame highlights the moment of immobility, allowing time to take the image back to the brief instant that recorded the 'real thing'.

This is the camera apparatus asserting its presence, which is enhanced by the performance of focus for light and shade, framing and camera movement.

Guest studio 3: Susan Connolly

Since arriving at DCR I have been exploring this new environment, meeting people, eating great dinners and hunting and gathering materials and imagery from The Hague, which I may develop during my 2-month residency.

I have been thinking about the relationship painting practice has to the found painted object/surface, looking at printed/stenciled papers and fabric and wondering if I find a painting or image which suggests a painting what can I bring to an already visually engaging object.

I have also been Researching new artists (certainly new to me) reading interesting reviews, listening to artist Pod casts and gathering provoking quotes from critic and artists which somehow fit into the many questions and problems in relation to contemporary painting practice I am contemplating within the studio. My favorite to date is:

‘The real problem is always how to make paintings anew, with more than just a twist. Painters cannot avoid quoting, re-quoting, echoing, succeeding and failing in comparison to the past. No Painter can pretend to be original, there are only so many ways to put paint on a surface’
Adrian Searle,, June 2009

So I am now collecting vintage postcards of Dutch flower arrangements and still life paintings and plan to work with this found composition/image…

Susans' stay has been made possible with the help of the Arts Council Ireland

Guest studio 1: António Aleixa

As a filmmaker, I see myself mostly as a storyteller. I use film as the medium through which I express myself and spread my opinions and messages. That is why I often refer to it not as an art but as a combination of technical skills that work for the art of storyteller... Of course there are lots of different kinds of films and work methods but when it comes to make it story driven, cinema making looses all its charm and becomes pretty much a mathematical craft where you have to plan every detail. That is why most of my work is far away from actors, cameras, lights or glamour. It has a lot more to do with the sketch book that I always carry around, a laptop and a lot of reading, writing, wathing and drawing. Most would consider it to be a very dull existence, I myself must confess this was not really what I had in mind when I first went to film school, long ago... But the fact is that it´s so rewarding once a film is done that I´m in love with what I do more and more every day.
Nowadays, in The Hague, I am working with Bas Ackermann from Upperunder and Shoot Me Festival in various projects, such as a music video, promos and a documentary. The work is going great and it is interesting that we got together since we have pretty much the same approach to film and all its "industry". I would even consider his Upperunder to be very similar to my own label in Portugal, called Low Cost Filmes. It´s important to say that we didn´t know each other or our work before. I am here because I got a grant from the portuguese government to come abroad and explore new ways, methods and technics. And it was them who send me to meet Bas, Upperunder and Shoot Me Festival.
Although i´ve been here for three week only, I can say I feel pretty much integrated. The city is fine and the people are nice. If to that we could add some more heat and sunny days, it would be perfect!
Also the guest studio is playing a very important role. The place is far better then I initially expected, everyone here is very friendly and I guess me, Oliver and Susan got along pretty well!
I guess that´s it... If you need to know something more just drop by and ask. Everyone is welcome!

Guest studio 1/2/3: Welcome lunch

Three new guests arrived:
Oliver Gardiner (UK)
Susan Connolly (IE)
Antonio Aleixo (PT)

Invited for lunch of Oliver and Antonio:
Clara Palli
Bas Ackerman
Floris Schönfeld
Channa Boon
Wauter Wormser
Brunel Wester

Invited for the lunch of Susan:
Micha Poppe
Tom de Groot
Ellen Roodenberg
Arnoud Dijkstra