Artisttalk: Douglas Morland (UK)

13 september - 17.00 h
Nest exhibition space

Glasgow-based artist, musician and curator Douglas Morland will give a talk about the city's diverse and multi-faceted arts scene, focusing on its cultural, economic and geographical context in relation to contemporary arts practice. A cross-section of galleries, institutions and flexible spaces will be explored in the talk, taking into account the often invisible (to the outside eye) networks, connecting threads and energies that underpin the city's cultural life.
Douglas Morland (b.1974) completed an MFA at Glasgow School of Art in 2003 and has since exhibited in the UK and abroad, co-ran Washington Garcia Gallery between 2006-2009 and has released various records - solo and with other musicians - on labels such as Chemikal Underground, Optimo Music and OSCARR.