Cocky Eek

In Collaboration with Satellietgroep, Cocky Eek will start her research at the Zandmotor in February for a new project called 'Landing Sites'

The Zandmotor is a man-made landscape that will dissolve in about 15 years into sea, beach and dunes. Right now, how can we sense its wide-open space and the movement it contains in all its intensity? The body is always located in relation to the space that contains it. Space is something that is experienced in motion that first makes it appearance through movement. During this research period body and space are the materials that are set into relation to each other. At the Zandmotor we will explore and develop wearable interfaces to create new sensory relationships in which our inner landscape will converge with the landscape that surrounds us. The interfaces will stage us in a contemporary drama in which we are part of and and separate from our environment. We invite our passengers to a open dialogue with space and time and we like to expand the totality of how they are physically perceived.

Landing Sites is a project by Cocky Eek in collaboration with Matthijs Munnik, assisted by Geartsje van der Zee. 
 During this artist-in-residency there are a two public presentation moments at the Zandmotor; Friday 17 February at 13:00h and Friday 3 March at 13:00h. The process of Landing Sites can be followed at the blog 
The outcomes of the artist-in-residence at the Zandmotor will be presented at the Oerol Festival 2017 and in September at the Zandmotor itself.

Landing Sites is a coproduction of Schweigman& and Satellietgroep  Stroom - Den Haag, generously supports Landing Sites.