Guest studio 2: Yevgeniy Fiks (RU)

During this residency, I'd like to start a project focusing on the Leftist history of the Netherlands. Its goal is to gain understanding of the complexities of histories  of Leftist movements here. I'd like to talk to people from different generations -- those who remember first-hand the events in the 20th century as well as younger generations, who only recently joined these political movements.

Upcoming: Comparative History (working title)

1-15 july
Guest studio 1: Elena Sorokina (RU), Brussels, curator
Guest studio 2: Yevgeniy Fiks (RU), New York, artist
Guest studio 3: Olga Kisseleva (RU), Paris, artist and teacher/founder department Art Science, Sorbonne

We will be researching the Filmstad project by Loet C. Barnstijn, who was one of the leading figures of the early Dutch cinema, dreaming of the construction of the "Hollywood on the North Sea". This particular project is part of out broader research on the architecture and organization of the early cinema studios as factories, organized according to the most advanced technological processes of that time, the principles of the assembly-line non-stop production and the maximum differentiation of the work.

Opening Asian Invasian 26.06.10 in Nest

Hikaru Miyakawa (JP)
Hanae Utamura (JP)
Yann Vanderme (FR)
Takayuki Yamamoto (JP)

Jessica de Boer (NL)
Angeline Dekker (NL)
Floris Kruidenberg (NL)
Clara Palli Monquilod (ES)
Magdalena Pilko (AT)
Marisa Polin (MX)

Asian Invasion

1-30 june
Guest studio 1: Yann Vanderme (FR), artist
Guest studio 2: Takayuki Yamamoto (JP), artist
Guest studio 3: Hikaru Miyakawa (JP), artist/curator, Utamura Hanae (JP), artist

Artist/curator Hikaru Miyakawa was invited by Nest and has traveled with Japanese Artists Takayuki Yamamoto and Hanae Utamura to The Hague. They have, accompanied by French artist Yann Vanderme, met and researched the art world of The Hague. The outcome of this crash course The Hague wil be presented from june 26 to july 24 at Nest.