Guest studio 2: Petra Halkes and René Price (CA)

Petra and René doing their thing

Guest studio 3: Lenke Sifko

DCR time. What great time it is...

The past few weeks I have spent a great deal of my time watching people.
Watching myself watching people.
Watching people watch me watching them.

I am continually astounded by the amount of communication that can occur between individuals who do not ever speak with voice to one and another, and without a doubt, I relish the myriad of conversations I have with those with whom I also receive the benefit of verbal dialogue as well as the magic of the unspoken.

Guest studio 2: Petra Halkes & Rene Price

Here we are now, in Guest studio 2 at the DCR and having a great time. My name is Petra Halkes, and I will be here with my husband Rene Price until the end of December. We live in Ottawa, but I was born in The Hague, a long time ago. I emigrated to Canada in 1967.