Taffy Boudewijns and Monica Sharon

From November to the end of January, Monica Sharon and Taffy Boudewijns will stay at the guest studios to work on The Lowlands Light Project. 
Taffy Boudewijns, a dutch visual artist, began creating sculptures after a year long trip throughout Europe by motorbike. With his technical and creative background, he uses his skills to design sculptures that emit light, constructed from materials that otherwise would be thrown away. Taffy enjoys finding a new purpose for old materials, which makes each sculpture he creates unique in their own way, with their own backstory. In 2015, Taffy began to collaborate with choreographer and filmmaker, Monica Sharon, combining his sculptures with her movement in order to realize a joint concept.

Monica Sharon is a New York native who received her BFA from New World School of the Arts. Throughout her dance career, she has performed works by Martha Graham, Jose Limon, Lines Ballet, Merce Cunningham and Carolyn Dorfman. During her time in Miami, she created work for museums, galleries, film and art festivals. She founded DalioArts with Angela Fegers, a performing arts collective, in 2013. In 2015, Monica moved to Budapest and began collaborating with visual artist, Taffy Boudewijns, combining movement with his sculptures. Since then, she has presented choreography and films in France, Iceland and The Netherlands.
The Lowlands Light Project aims to culminate into an interactive installation that combines choreography, light sculptures, short films and a color of choice. Each color chosen on the four button switchboard corresponds to a certain choreography, film and multiple light sculptures, strategically placed, to illuminate the performer. The way the performance unfolds is decided by the participator, who will choose an order of colors without awareness of the outcome beforehand.