Special guest: David Horvitz (US)

I am writing from my little office in the DCR, where I have just arrived via London from New York (originally from Los Angeles). I am guest-curating this season's Cinema at the Sea, which will be at Badgast in Scheveningen on the first three Thursdays in April: April 7th, 14th, and 21st. The program will be announced soon. All of the films directly or indirectly relate to the sea - and each night will have a different thematic structure.

On another note. There is no kitchen where I am staying. If you let me into your kitchen, I will cook you dinner! (I am serious.)
And also - I brought with me a lot of Japanese green tea. If you come to my room I will make you a cup.

Here is a recent project I finished earlier this year (about the Pacific Ocean)

Maybe I will See You,
- David

Guest studio 2: Alice Nikitinova (CZ)

The work Nikitinova has made during her stay will be shown until 29 April at Galerie Juliette Jongma in 'Relatively unimportant features'!