Yasunori Kawamatsu and Nobuyuki Yamamoto

In June, Japanese artists Yasunori Kawamatsu and Nobuyuki Yamamoto had a short stay at DCR Guest Studios to prepare for their residency in 2017.

Yasunori Kawamatsu is a graduate from the design course of Tokyo Institute of Polytechnics in 2006. He took part in a performance at Kunsthall of Dusseldorf in 2008, and joined group exhibition in the Gumma Museum of Modern Art in 2009, and Takasaki city museum in 2012. His first Solo-exhibition took place at tent gallery in 2011. Moreover, he curates group exhibitions under the curatorial concept “dabada” which was established in 2010.

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Dadabe project:

Nobuyuki Lives and works in Kanagawa , Japan. He participated in several group shows in Tokyo, Edinburgh, Seoul, Guangzhou (China). In 2013 Nobuyuki had a solo show at AIS gallery/Art Institute Shibukawa.

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Jeremy Bakker and Angela Pye

Jeremy Bakker is a visual artist from Melbourne, Australia who works across a variety of mediums including drawing, sculpture, photography and object-based artwork. He is interested in fugitive ways that complex ideas can be held within simple things. Jeremy applies manual processes and discreet gestures to commonplace objects and materials as a way of opening up a range of thoughts about time, presence and absence, impermanence, mortality and meaning.

Angela and Jeremy worked collaboratively on a residency project  Echigo-Tsumari Winter festival in Japan in 2012. In her own art practice, Angela explores the notion of intimacy and the relationship between the space of the human body and built environment. 

Jeremy and Angela will use the space and time provided by the residency at DCR to develop ideas for new work and establish new contacts.

Wubkje Kuindersma

Dutch choreographer Wubkje Kuindersma, born in Cameroon,  graduated at Codarts and danced with Nuremberg Ballet, Djazzex, Rogie & Company, Gulbenkian Ballet, Random Dance, Danish Dance Theatre a.o.
Her first choreography Aquasomnia received an award for originality of movement vocabulary and outstanding movement quality in the choreographic competition U30 in Cologne 2010. She is guest choreographer at Korzo Theatre The Hague, Noverre Society Stuttgart, The National Youth Ballet Germany of John Neumeier, Random Collision, Danslokaal van Conny Janssen danst…, Toneelschool Maastricht, Codarts, Artez e.a.
In May 2016 Wubkje received the BNG Bank Dance Award for Excellent Talent.
At this moment she is choreographing for the production IJS&VIS of Het Nationale Toneel and Firma Mes, with Korzo as partner.

Lars Kynde, Tobias Lukassen and Christian Liljedahl (Illutron) for iii

Copenhagen based composer and iii founding member Lars Kynde has invited Tobias Lukassen and Christian Liljedahl from the artist initiative Illutron in Copenhagen to cooperate on the production of a new work, ”Pulse Jet Symphony”, that will be first developed at Illutron and then further developed in The Hague and presented by iii together with Satellietgroep and TodaysArt at the Zandmotor.
Lars Kynde is a composer that delights in creating the instruments on which his compositions are played – in fact these two aspects of music making are not so easily separated in his case and the invention of new instruments and the music created for them melt into surprising new forms.
Christian Liljedahl is an artist creating interactive installations and performances. Inviting the spectator to participate in various ways he uses any media possible to bring the idea to life.  In 2005 he quit a career as computer consultant and civil engineer. Since 2008 he has been a full time artist, working with the group Halfmachine / Illutron.
Tobias Lukassen is a sound designer and an artist whose work spans multiple media, through the interest in a balanced combination of science, technology and philosophy.  Since 2011 he has worked in several art, film, theatre and music. In 2016 he will complete his degree in sound design with a focus on acoustics and psychoacoustics.

David Pocknee for iii

David Pocknee (1986) is a composer, guitarist and visual artist currently based in the UK. He studied Music at Huddersfield University, graduating with a first in 2008, before moving to The Hague to study at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague, receiving Bachelor and Masters degree in Composition. 

During his residency he will be working with Ana Lemnaru, Grzegorz Marcinak, Adam Basanta and Maya Verlaak on a new piece that will be presented at the Zandmotor during the performance program Sand Songs (