Open Studios coming up!

On Wednesday 12th of September at 17.00 our guests in the Gueststudio´s will host an open studio. This will be a small presentation of their work in progress and an opportunity to meet our guest if you haven´t done so already!

Abe and Irina are making a graphic novel out of a lot of material they collected in their ´open feast´ project. Look at for more information. They would really like to come in contact with human rights activists, writers and other artists. As they are making a book, they would also like to have a chat with graphic designers about how to deal with the loads of content they have.

Leigh is making casts of the gueststudio space she lives in. With silicon rubber, a very nice material to take a look at, she captures the structures of the ceiling and floor. Look at this post for more information about her work plan.

Prilla has her final presentation at Heden Hier on the 14th of September and will be showing some of her cut-out works. If you haven't seen any of Prilla's work yet, this is a good introduction to get enthousiastic for her presentation the following Friday. See some other works-in-progress here.

We would really like to welcome you with a beer, and hope to see you at the end of your workday!

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