Open Studios

 Last week we hosted Open Studio's. Our guests Prilla, Abe and Irina and Leigh are all leaving this week, so it was time for a little presentation. They all made their studio into a welcoming place where you could see their inspirations and works-in progress.

Prilla made a little preview for her show in Heden Hier, and welcomed people at her table to talk about her previous works, as well as the work of the guests.

Leigh made a big transformation in her room; she casted the ceiling with silicon rubber and presented the results.

 Abe and Irina made two outfits for the 'special day' and welcomed people with some food and drinks from Belarus and other places. Also you could see their thought-process on their grapic novel as well as a table cloth full with recipies and a collection of video's they shot during other dinners.

We thought it was a very nice evening and we will miss our four guests!