Our new guests, Yoshiyuki Koinuma and Prilla Tania have been here for already a couple of weeks. Last Friday we took them and some other interested people on a gallerytour trough The Hague.

We started off with a little presentation of their work. Yoshi was really into collage-making the last couple of months. Monters, mythical stories and nature inspires him. For the collages he collected a lot of old books and has folders full with mostly weird images. The collages are next to a finished product, also studies for the paintings that Yoshi makes. To protect the collages, he finishes it off with epoxy which also gives the canvasses an unique, shiny look.

Prilla is a resident at Heden Hier. She took us to her working space in the Weimarstraat where she's working on a couple of different projects. She wants to interract with the neighbourhood on a Twitter manner, by asking the neigbours for small text-based contributions. Also, she's fascinated by portraing her mythical man that lives of sun, water and wind. Her working space is full with paper, tests and drawings.

After the small talks we went to Badgast, where we met Jannemieke Oostra. She's currently staying in the cosy residency at the sea, and explained us something about the project she's doing in her one month period there. After her 'souvenir' finalexam project, she's now into finding and researching the 'souvenirs' of the sea, namely fossils.

Then we drank a great coffee at the F.A.S.T. surfvillage, before we biked to Stroom to explain to the residents about the institute, and also to see their current exhibition. After Stroom we went to Maurits van de Laar to see some drawings.

We ended the tour in LhGWR, where Robert-Jan explained to us the current exhibition full with experimental photography. After a good look in their nice shop and bookstore, we went back to the DCR to end the week with some drinks.