Azadeh's report

Azadeh Fatehrad wrote a brief report about her residency in the Gueststudio's.

Invisible Frame is the title of my recent project that I produced during a month residency in Den Haag, Netherlands. Invisible frame is based on a relation between human and architectural space. This series of work is a combination of single channel video and series of color photography. I was inspired by Le Corbusier and his use of 'window'in contemporary architecture. In Le Corbusier's house for Charles De Beistegui (1936), windows had been used as framing device to frame the view out side the wondow. Although in traditional architecture, windows are used for the entry of light or ventilation.

In my project, Invisible Frame, I started to explore the ways in which we could identify the boundaries of 'outdoor' and 'indoor' by looking trough the 'window'."

The Power Station, Invisible Frame series, C-­‐Type print, Netherlands 2012

White Dance, Invisible Frame series, still images from the video, duration 00:04:34, Netherlands 2012