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St. Phillip / The Martyr is a new multi-media chapter in the Phillip Project Series created by Michael Jahoda and Pasi Granqvist for the Phillip Project, in collaboration with composer Maarten Ornstein and live performance by choir Jan & Alleman. It will be comprised in equal parts of spoken word, dance, video and music. The public will be placed inside the installation and surrounded by the media images and performers.

Throughout the 16 interrelated episodes in the Phillip Project Series, Phillip has been on an endless madcap journey to explore, define and defend his own sense of freedom; both in life and in the afterlife. (St.) Phillip, the main character and leitmotif of the Phillip Project Series, will explore the concept of martyrdom in a cycle of martyr-deaths as he searches for “something bigger than himself ” that is worth dying for.

The aim of the Phillip Project is to highlight and humanize questions of freedom, life and death and to create multi-layered and multi-media environments that invite the public to immerse themselves in some “big” questions.
concept: Michael Jahoda, Pasi Granqvist
music: Maarten Ornstein
voices: Haags strijdkoor Jan en Alleman
production: Zeebelt
Pasi Granqvist is currently a guest at the Gueststudios to prepare this project.