Bebe Beliz

Bebe Beliz is an artist who mostly does performances but also likes to work with photography, conceptual art and recently also installation art. After she finished her studies in linguistics, english literature, philosophy and sociology in Istanbul, she came to The Netherlands. She lived in Rotterdam for a couple of years, where she went to the Willem de Kooning Academie for one year. In Rotterdam her carreer as an artist started and she´s been very active ever since. This year she was ready to explore a new city.

Ever since she was little she enjoyed performing arts, being a performer is a part of her personality. When she performs she feels like she´s in her own world, fully concentrated on what she´s doing in the performance. Her mind is full of thoughts, frustration, fear and excitement. When she´s performing she likes to push the boundaries, searching for the field of tension between boring, interesting, fast and slow.
Bebe's background in literature is still present in her work. She also is a storyteller, she makes up a story when she's telling it and afterwards she never tells the same story again.                   
In her performances she´s improvises a lot, sometimes she already has an idea in her mind of what she wants to do but she never rehearses her performences in advance. This makes it even more exciting, unpredictable and magical to her, because she never really knows how it will feel to actually do the performance. Sometimes the performances she does aren´t announced, they just come into being very spontaneously. The audience never knows what to expect.

At the moment Bebe is very busy with different kind of projects. In the gueststudio she's currently working on organising an open studio evening on the 18th of May, Open Artist / Studio Talk. Bebe wants to invite other artists into her studio to get to know eachother and to talk in an open way about art. She'll do a performance to create even more openness. She thinks there should be more exchange between artists to come to more and better thoughts and ideas about art and life in the future. Come by to have a drink and to meet Bebe if you want to!