Guest studio 2: Marieke Verbiesen

Currently i am doing a residency at de DCR, where i am working on preperations for the installation "Moviestar". This installation will be showed at Het Filmhuis Den Haag in the end of september.

For this installation both old and new techniques will be used to create a real lifesize filmset in which visitors can control events, and will be the main "actors" in a fantasy film.

The installation forms a tribute to the young history of Special Effects, that through the years has evolved in high tempo. The first use of special effects suddenly opened up oppertunities for filmmakes with a low budget to  realise their fantasies and create movies by putting together diffrent filmed scenes, and blend animation with real actor recordings. 

Like the brothers Sid & Marty Kroft, who started their filmstudio from their garage in the late 1970´s, where they used clay, wood and gardenutilities to create filmsets for their series "Land of the Lost". In this series a family travels through a timewarp loophole and gets stuck in a strange world where history and future times meet.  While getting chased by dinosaurs and haunted by aliens they try to find their way back to the world they came from while being in an enegmatic zone where time and location are unknown,  they soon realise they can find 
their way back by discovering the meaning between past, present and future. 

In "Moviestar" visitors get a look in front and behind the scenes in a strange world in which they play a role,  and control events themselves. 

Right now im working on the sound and image for this installation which will use motiontracking to map users movements.