Coming Up!

In October Slovak photographer Boris Németh wil stay in our recidence. About his project:

This project is based on comparisons, contrasts and similarities. It derives from my observations of my mother land and facts I have learned about the Netherlands, particularly for past several months when preparing my residence there. Studding basic facts about this country, I descovered many stunning similarities as well as complete opposites in ‘how Dutch do it’ and ‘how Slovaks do it’.

Moreover, I have noticed an interesting parallel in approach in a current photographic practice in both countries. Myself being one of those Slovak photographers applying humor or self irony when depicting my own nation, I can recognize similar tendencies among Dutch photographers.
As one month is a very short period for a foreigner to know a new country I do not want to pretend a deep insight, in my approach of a photographer. Contrary, I would like to make advantage of being a Stanger and apply my independent point of view in search for contrasts and similarities with my own country.
In my photographic practice, I have collected an extensive portfolio of photographs on Slovakia. For this project, I have selected 50 which somehow present a characterizing view on the country in one or the other way.
My goal is to produce diptychs pairing pictures of Slovakia with those of the Netherlands. Touristic guides and general characteristics of the Netherlands will be my source, helping me to choose places to go and aspects to focus on.