Marcel Swint

In december of 2008 I left gueststudio 3 at the DCR.
During my working periode I have done research and found new subjects that deal with things being gone and yet being present and subjects that deal with transformation; themes which are of great importance to me.
At the DCR I started what is to become an extensive collection of picture postcards of buildings and panoramic views of European cities.
Most of these cards are from before the second world war and show portraits of buildings which no longer exist while other postcards show panoramic views and put these buildings in perspective. They show them in a context of streets and neighbourhoods which are often still there uptill the present day. Sometimes it's the other way around; the monumental buildings remain while the surrounding streets have vanished.
Everything I'm about to do is an attempt to grasp history by for example reconstructing lost monumental buildings on the hand of photographic documentation, by my intuition and interpretations and by means of fake memories.
By using old construction materials such as panel doors, glass lead windows and antique tiles I will reconstruct and thereby transform the buildings once again and thus create my own monuments and stories.