Guest studio 3: Jan Bokma

Dear people,
My name is Jan Bokma and I am an artist from Groningen. I,m invited by Nest to make an exhibition with my 'Museum of art' concept. During the period of February and March I'm staying in one of the guest studio's.

The project I present is titled 'De Van Gogh serie'. In this project I'm investigating the fusion of the concept of the museum with the concept of art. One of the first questions I asked myself where 'How does the museum influence my perception and how does the museum participate in the proses of becoming art.

The results will be presented in a sequence of four installations combined with three meeting/happenings reflecting on ideas related to the work. (a lecture about my work, a symposium about the museum as context and a lecture about Marcel Broodthaers)

The goal is to produce new work where the emphasis is on the perception of art. I hope this will be a period of successful experimenting, interesting developments and meeting new people!
Jan Bokma.