Kenneth Flak, Külli Roosna and Thomas Dotzler

The 31th of January new guests arrived to stay in the Gueststudio during their Dutch tour of the show ‘The Chinese Room’ which had its premiere in September 2010 at the Korzo theatre in The Hague.  Kenneth Flak (Norway, 1975) designed both the music and the choreography for this show, in which he also performs as a dancer together with Külli Roosna (Estonia, 1981). The show is a mixture of dance, images by the Japanese multimedia artist Matsuo Kuhiniko and interactive light design by Thomas Dotzler. 

Trailer 'The Chinese Room'

In ‘The Chinese Room’ Kenneth Flak treats the subject of the evolution of humanity in this era, in which the role of technology gets bigger and bigger and seems to have the possibility to even overpower humankind. ‘The Chinese Room’ investigates what it’s like to be human in a networked reality and what the influence of technology on our human body and mind is. Is the real essence of being human in one’s physique, one’s inner self or can it be somewhere else? One can wonder if human strengths and weaknesses will stay present in a changing world where humans merge with machines and what will remain of human instincts,  will and desire. Can we continue our natural human search for freedom and reconciliation is this state of being?

You can ask yourself thousands of questions without any concrete answers while in the meantime the reflecting on and thinking about a certain subject can be most valuable in the whole learning process. ‘The Chinese Room’  offers  a lot of space for reflection to the viewer. The controlled strong bodies of the dancers might make you consider your own body, the lights might activate your mind, the visual material might remind you of your own part in contemporary society and the strong vibrating sounds might make you feel like you’re a part of it all. 

Upcoming shows:
Theater Kikker, Utrecht
Plaza Futura, Eindhoven
De Gouvernestraat, Rotterdam
21,22 and 23-03    
Theater-org Konserthus, Kristiansand(NO)
2 and 3-03              
Kanuti Gildi Staal, Talinn(EST)

After this tour Kenneth and Külli will travel back to their home base Estonia, to perform another show together. Their double performance “God’s Studies/After the World” will premiere on February 28 at the Chamber Hall of the Estonian National Opera.


Photos made before the show in Theater Kikker on 13-02, while warming up and checking the lights, the sounds and the space.