Guest studio 3: Salifou Lindou (CM)

A short interview with Salifou about his residency:
What was the added value to stay in the city of The Hague?
The calmness and the beauty of the city helped me to start my work on site with a positive attitude.
The facilities in term of printmaking that were available in the city (the grafische werkplaats) helped to realise a dream that I brought along to discover and learn to master the dry needle technique amongst others.
I have learned the graphic techniques and it has been possible to be part of the development of Present Perfect! which will result in future works.
I hope to be able to transport an etching machine to Douala to be able to start a printworkshop myself so I can produce my own works and create an atelier for other artists to learn and use the technique.

Are there follow-ups concerning contacts; exchanges or cooparations with other institutes/artists from The Hague?
Yes, The project Present Perfect! will be presented at NEST in 2013. I will keep up the contact with the Grafische Werkplaats.
I made contact with the artist who is the director of Chiefs and Spirits which might result in a possible collaboration in the future.