Guest studio 1: Ville Raasakka (FI)

At the DCR I am working on a new composition for Piano Trio, that was commissioned from Denmark, and will be premiered in Copenhagen in 2012. The work will be in the genre of "Vanitas", originated in the 16th century still life painting of Flanders and the Netherlands.

Through everyday objects and commodities, the vanitas portrays the emptiness and vanity of earthly life attached to materialism. Vanitas is the Latin word for "emptiness".

In the Hague, I am making field recordings from shopping malls, and recording the sounds of everyday shopping items and commodities. These sounds are transformed through spectral analysis into musical data, which I will use as starting point when writing the score. The instrumentation of the work will be flute, viola and piano.


Picture credits: Vanitas (1630) by Pieter Claesz (1597-1660) at the Mauritzhuis, Den Haag