Guest studio 3: Lenke Sifko

DCR time. What great time it is...

The past few weeks I have spent a great deal of my time watching people.
Watching myself watching people.
Watching people watch me watching them.

I am continually astounded by the amount of communication that can occur between individuals who do not ever speak with voice to one and another, and without a doubt, I relish the myriad of conversations I have with those with whom I also receive the benefit of verbal dialogue as well as the magic of the unspoken. It is within the unfamiliar I can experience the breath of experience that anonymity offers, yet it is with my familiar that I am able to engage in the deep inspirations that come only from depth.

I am in continual courtship with paradox, we seem to skip along the river of ideas hand in hand, so it is no surprise that we are together during this project, in holding two distinct vantage points within one concept, that of looking at something subtle and minute from both a wide and general focus, as well as the minute micro details.

There is a beautiful tension created in looking at something detailed and at the same time observing it from a macro perspective. It often feels very much to me like becoming as the camera, depending on what choice is made in any moment, something is seen and something is missed.

Discovering motifs and structures to understand subtle communication is proving itself to be both compelling and formidable. Containing the dimensions of interior and exterior and the vantage points to these perceptive positions. Representing the energy of perception in general as well as perception contained within a single personal moment, a view that is certainly subjective to myself. Still, ever present in the work there is the inescapable and unifying feeling knowing that I have been both subject and object in every experience.

Here is a link if you would like to see a brief clip of some of the work in progress: