Guest studio 3: Lenke Sifko

Lenke Sifko is a Canadian video artist (also designer/illustrator) and she will be staying with us untill the end of this year.

"In perception, we are given the ability to witness so much, yet retain only a small fraction of that which surrounds us, in all senses. We view such a small sliver of existence.

Contained within these miniscule moments are the possibilities of total revelation. We have enabled ourselves the perception of vast amounts of information in the smallest fragment of observation.

Our minds, continually calculating, building upon, tearing down and rebuilding the same structure that is what we call " I "

Like an finite line, extending itself out in one direction, and at the same time recursive, turning upon itself to repeat again and again in an endless self-referential loop continually pushing narratives into form. The mortality of one moment giving birth to the next, and the next, each containing the fading notes left behind by the previous, played in all directions, in tandem, in counterpoint, in the infinite directions of time.

It is my goal to explore these ideas, using video, rotoscoping and animation effects as my medium, creating both a visual and visceral experience for the viewer, of the poignancy and frenetic activity leading to the creation, destruction, and comprehension contained within, and uniting the infinite self-referential loops of the mind."