Presentation: HOMELi-OGRAPHY

Saturday 25th july, 16.00-18.00h
A wasteland on one side and an exhibition space called Nest on the other site of the De Constant Rebecqueplein. Saturday they will both be in use as podiums for two experimental exhibitions in which the standards of exhibiting is being dug up and turned over, both literally as well as metaphorically.

The two artists-in-residence Susan Connolly and Oliver Gardiner, are interested in creating inventive strategies for exploring the urban environment. Through their exploratory approach to their art making they intend to make interventions within the Staedion site, which is directly across from the DCR, taking pedestrians and art audiences off their predictable paths and jolting them into a new awareness of the urban landscape.

In the same time, on the other site of the street there will be the opening of the exhibition 'the garden of delight' from René Jansen with a performance of the John Dear Mowing Club!

many thanks to Steadion for their cooperation