Guest studio 3: Marcel Swint

I will be staying at the DCR untill the end of december.
During this period I hope to find new subjects which will hopefully lead to new work.
Let's see if the urban environment can contribute in this matter.
Perhaps in the form of lost monuments. Every city has got one: the Scholtenshuis in Groningen, the Paleis voor Volksvlijt in Amsterdam and the Gebouw van Kunsten & Wetenschappen in The Haque.
These magical lost monuments are often lost due to fire, war or simply were demolished. Not seldom the inhabitants call for rebuild as if the city is not complete without this magical building.
Untill they are rebuild these lost monuments are living legends, kept alive by the romantic inhabitants of the city. The place where the building ones stood reminds people of times gone by and of the stories that can be told about those times and about the building itself.
It's like the Titanic in a way. The spot where the ship sank is still there, as is the ship itself, but the ship can hardly be reached and surely can't be touched. The same goes for Adolf Hitler. Remains of his regime are still present. Scientists do research on who this man really was but they're asking questions which can never really be answered.